What is Blink?
Blink allows artists to offer limited edition merchandise to their biggest fans. Blink is part of Arcivr's platform which is used by some of the world's most exciting artists, events and tours. Learn more about Arcivr at arcivr.com.

Who can launch a Blink sale?
To maintain the highest level of quality, each Blink sale is approved by our team. Once your sale is approved, we work with you to choose products, optimize your artwork, set pricing and promote your sales. Ready to launch your Blink sale? Shoot us a note at hello@arcivr.com.

Does Blink offer returns?
Each Blink sale is different and the decision to accept returns is made by each seller. We encourage all Blink sellers to offer returns when possible. When returns are offered, they must be made within 48 hours of receiving your item. Please contact us at hello@arcivr.com to inquire about, or arrange, a return.

When will my order ship?
Most Blink orders ship within 5-7 days of the sale ending. Some artists include tickets, digital downloads, and other items that aren't available until a future date. Delivery details for those items will be outlined in their product descriptions.